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“As a 38-year-old mom who home schools four boys, I rarely have time to do anything just for myself. So, it was a real treat to get permanent eyeliner! My mother recommended Michelle. Unfortunately for her, I was quite the challenge because I am terrified of needles and my body reacts adversely to anesthetics. Despite the obstacles, Michelle worked patiently and gently to achieve beautiful results. I love that it always looks like I just put it on.”

Shannon Boyett


“I love my new brows. It saves me about 20 minutes when I am getting ready to go out. Michelle made them look very natural. Several people have even asked me if I am using new makeup or commented that my face looks great.”

Ginger Staton


“Permanent eyeliner has made all the difference to my hectic morning schedule. I lead a very demanding life as a wife, mother and dental hygienist. It nice to know my eyeliner always looks perfect!”

Francine Dycus, RDH


“Michelle applied permanent eyeliner for me and I have been extremely pleased with the results. The procedure was relatively painless, and Michelle went out of her way to make sure that I was comfortable. She was not satisfied until I was satisfied. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Shelly Melton


“Michelle did a great job on giving me eyebrows! Just ask to see the before & after pictures and you will understand she is a woman of magic with permanent makeup. She puts you at ease from the moment she goes over the process till the final stroke is made on your face.”

Kay Smith

Villa Rica, GA

Who benefits from permanent makeup?

Anyone who desires a natural enhancement to their appearance.

Those people with allergies or sensitivities to traditional cosmetics.

Those who participate in sports and outdoor activities.

Anyone with visual impairment.

People with conditions that make it difficult to apply makeup such as arthritis, Parkinsons disease, stroke survivors or just hand unsteadiness.

Anyone who simply doesn’t have the extra time to spend applying cosmetics.



Salon 341
341 Macland Road
Dallas, GA 30132



How can you achieve that perfect look? The question is answered by breakthrough advancement in cosmetic technology called micro-pigmentation. It uses the technique of tattooing to enhance facial features, relieving hundreds of women from the tiresome daily chore of putting on and removing makeup.

Women and men from their mid 20s to their mid 80s can appreciate permanent cosmetics advantages. Those with thinning brows, or scars where hair doesn’t grow, often resort to this technology. Anyone seeking to feel better about their appearance, improve their confidence and sustain a more positive outlook should consider permanent makeup.


Advantages to the application of permanent makeup are:


It’s convenient and saves you valuable time


It gives you the consistent shape and thickness every day


It helps those look their best that have poor eyesight, arthritis, limited range of motion and hand tremors


It eliminates allergic reactions associated when applying new makeup


It’s perfect for those inexperienced with makeup


We believe beauty begins skin deep. So reward yourself! Look your very best every morning and breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that your face will look like that the entire day!



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